Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 2010

So here are some updated picks. Hope you like them, just a warning...Im very pregnant and about to pop so be gentle with your thoughts about how huge I am. HEHEHE Just kidding!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I was told to update my

I know a lot of you catch up on friends through their blogs, so I decided that I would update everyone on our family. Things are going great so far this new year. Kahlan is getting stronger everyday, and she only has a couple more surgeries to have done this year. She will have to have a lazy eye surgery sometime in March or April, and then after that she will have her central line removed after they do some more Mri's and other scans to make sure the cancer is not growing back. She is also getting some developmental help for physical therapy and speech therapy.

Samantha will be starting kindergarten in August, and she is more than ready to start. It is so amazing how much they absorb and learn each day. Its amazing to me how fast they grow. Samantha acts like she is 10 and she is only 4 and a half. She is definitely my little helper.

Alexander is developing almost faster than Sammie, even though he is almost a year younger. He is my little tender heart and love his sisters so much. He is always talking about how he is going to take care of Sammie, Kahlan and the new baby girl. He is also ready to get out and start pre-school or some kind of social activity.

Albert is enjoying his new job and is gone a lot, but it is nice to have him home with us each night! It has been great being together as a family, we really have missed out being a family for a year while Kahlan received her cancer treatments.

As for me, I am 25 weeks along in this pregnancy. We are excited that we are having another girl. We were hoping for a boy, but we are just happy to finally finish having our kids. I am still busy taking Kahlan to all of her doctor appointments, but other than that it has been awesome being in our own place! We are just getting back into a regular routine and we are happy that things are working out so well!

Monday, November 30, 2009

From One Journey to the Next!!

We are nearing the end of another year and we are also nearing the end of Kahlan's Cancer Treatments here in California. This year has been filled with excitement, worry, tears, prayers, love, exhaustion, happiness, Family and surprises.

The year started with Albert getting home from a deployment, we were so happy to get him home safe. Which was followed by the horrible news that Kahlan had a very rare and dangerous tumor, ATRT. She then under went her first brain surgery at Primary Childrens in UT.

We were then sent moving to Monterey California for Albert to learn French at DLI. On the way to California, we had to leave Sammie and Alex with my family so that I could take care of Kahlan at UCSF Children's Hospital. Albert started his French classes and Kahlan started her first round of chemotherapy. Things were really hard during this time, with our family in 3 different places and we were unsure if Kahlan was going to make it. Shortly after Kahlan's 2nd round of chemotherapy, and MRI showed us distressing news. Kahlan's tumor had grown back to half its original size. She then had her second brain surgery. It was amazing to see how resilient Kahlan is with the right medical attention, prayers and blessing from Heavenly Father.

The next step was to have Samantha and Alexander come home to monterey! We had missed each other so much during the 2 1/2 months they were gone. Now we were back together for a short time until Kahlan started radiation.

The kids were able to stay with Kahlan and I because Albert's sweet wonderful sister Rosemary was able to come and live with us. It was so nice to have all of the kids together again, but we were still apart from Albert, which made it hard. It was very hard having Rosemary leave, but Grandma Wilson came out twice and babysat Sammie and Alex and Grandpa Lieske came and took care of them too! It has been so amazing to us to see how much we all need each other and how important families are! Family and friends have made this year bearable for us. We have felt all the love and concern and it has made all the difference!

The last of Kahlan's treatments included 2 stem cell harvests and then 3 tandem stem cell transplants with high dose chemotherapy. This last phase has taken well over 3 months so far. However the end is in sight! Kahlan is done with her official treatments and now all that is left are tests to make sure she is cancer free!

Also during this time, Albert graduated from DLI and also got his Associates Degree. We are so proud of him for all of his hard work and dedication. Its hard enough to pass the class without a daughter undergoing cancer treatments. We also found out that I am Pregnant and that I am due May 22nd 2010. We weren't planning on having a baby yet, but I guess God has other plans for us!

Now Albert is all moved back to Ut, and is working at Camp Williams. Sammie and Alex are at Grandma Lieske's and Kahlan is being treated with antibiotics for a fever she had a few days ago. Things are starting to slow down. In 2 weeks Kahlan and I are headed to UT and starting a new journey. We are hoping and praying that life can go to somewhat of a normal pace for us. We are excited to be pregnant with our 4th and final child. We are excited to be together as a family! We are so Thankful that Kahlan has made it through this ordeal and that we can now be together! We are grateful to the lord for blessing us with so many wonderful blessings this year!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Its been a long time!

Its been way too long since I updated this blog. We are all doing great! Albert is almost done with his French course here in Monterey Ca. He will be moving to Pleasant Grove in November, and he will start working at Camp Williams. As for me and the kids, we will be here in San Francisco until the first week of December. Kahlans cancer treatments should be finished by that time if everything goes well.

Kahlan is starting her first set of High Dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant tomorrow. We were admitted to the hospital today, just to get everything ready for chemo tomorrow. My mom is staying at the family house with Sammie and Alex while we are in the hospital. We are hoping to get out on Tuesday and be home by the 30th for about 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks then they will do the cycle over again 2 more times. Once in October and the Last in November. We will see how it goes!

Other than that we are all doing well and just taking each day as it comes!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pictures of the kids

Here are some recent pictures of the kids! I can't wait for Alex and Sammie to come out here with us!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Made a site for Kahlan!

It has been too long since I updated this site. Anyways I have made a site just for Kahlan so that I can update everyone about how our Journey is going. Here is the site for anyone who doesn't have it yet.

As for now we just started her second set of chemo on Sunday and if all goes well, after 21 days she will be starting radiation. The only other concern is that the tumor might still be growing back. So they will do an MRI tomorrow and see if she needs another surgery.

Now to some good news; my kids are doing good at my moms house and will soon be going to visit Amber in St. George for a couple of weeks. After that they will be coming home to be with Albert and his sister Rosemary for the summer. I am so excited to see my babies again, my heart aches just thinking about holding them again!

I also just want to say thank you to the Thomas's. Jessica Thomas was here at UCSF with her baby boy Tyson, He was being treated for spina bifida and they are also LDS. They were so sweet and gave me meals for a day and all of their extra food before they headed back to Utah. Thank you guys! I also want to thank everyone for their prayers and love! I know that Kahlan is doing so well because of your faith and prayers! Thank You!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Alright a lot has happened since I last got on here. We are officially moved to Seaside, CA. Albert is there by himself going to military school to learn french. Samantha and Alexander spent 3 days at my sister Ambers in St. George and are now currently with my sister-in-law Jenny and my brother Jonny's family until Thursday. After that they will be in Pahrump NV with my parents until the middle of June. When June comes around Samantha and Alex will then finally be able to come home to Seaside and have their Aunt Rosemary take care of them while Albert is still learning French.

So there is an update on the family, now for Kahlan and me! We are now in UCSF Childrens Medical Center. It is very nice here and the doctors and nurses are great. Kahlan will be getting her first set of Chemo tomorrow April 23, 2009. I will be here with Kahlan until she is done with her treatments. Her treatments will include 4 sets of chemo, radiation, and re-integration of her own stem cells that they will harvest along the way. All together it could take anywhere from 8 to 12 months for her treatments to be done. We are all doing great and we appreciate all of your love and concern! Thank you all for your prayers!
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